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swift construction

Installation should not be left to chance - but with us instead.

Dryers, mixing and dosing units, conveying systems, storage concepts, and controls are one thing. But only after installation and commissioning does it become a complete solution: your plant. We won’t abandon you with the individual components but instead will guide you through the entire process, right up to initial operation and training your employees. This is how we understand partnership.


swift construction guarantees you an optimal production start.

Whether it is a completely new production or just an expansion, our competent motan installation engineers and project managers will work with you directly to ensure that everything is running like it should: optimally. Guaranteed.


swift construction starts with installation but goes much further to include for example, energy audits.

Particularly the coordination of all components requires particular know-how. Don’t waste energy needlessly. Use our energy audits. With these we make sure that your systems are not just running. We test all parameters regarding their energy efficiency. This makes sense, also for systems already in operation.

Do you have questions concerning swift construction? We are happy to help. Ask your local motan company.

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