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mo's corner

FAQs for experts. Answered by experts.

Drying and conveying, dosing and mixing, and controls are highly complex processes. Particularly because requirements in the plastics industry become more demanding and technical advancements happen more and more quickly. We have created a place where your questions will be answered in a way that will bring you forward. Answers with added value: mo’s corner. On this page you can find the topics in our archive that are relevant for you.


mo’s corner is our expert’s corner.

mo’s corner is not only an online portal. You can also find mo’s corner in our motan news magazine, with which we inform our customers twice a year about the current news concerning our company, as well as at our exhibition stands, where our employees will gladly answer your question on any topic.

If you have questions regarding materials handling which have not yet been answered, ask mo directly:

We will try to answer your questions quickly or will direct you towards your local motan company.