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swift your processes

Individual devices and systems for materials management

We offer standardized solutions for your requirements.

swift offers you stand-alone equipment and sophisticated systems to process plastics. Our product lines cover the complete spectrum: dosing & mixing, drying, conveying and storage as well as the corresponding control technology.

As a specialist in materials management and a global leader in the plastics processing industry, we have unique know-how that covers the entire material handling and logistics management.


A wide range of application-oriented solutions

Our high-quality products provide everything you need for your materials management: from injection molding to blow molding to extrusion. For granules, pellets and regrinds. With our engineering, we deliver high-performance solutions that meet your needs.

True to our slogan "Zero Loss", we see it as our task to automate the process chains in our industry, designing the most energy-efficient and resource-saving solutions for our customers. To be able to optimize your production, precise knowledge of the complete material flow chain and its individual events plays a decisive role.

Injection Moulding

For everyday products. Central systems or individual units for branches such as automotive, electronics, household goods, etc. 


Blow moulding

For bottles and containers. Reliable conveying, dosing & mixing systems for high-volume production of bottles and other containers.



For sheet, pipes and profiles.